APC Floor Standing Rack NetShelter SV 48U / 750×1200 – AR3347


NetShelter SX 48U 750mm Wide x 1200mm Deep Networking Enclosure with Sides Black

  • Cable protection and pass-through
    Smooth plastic fingers provide proper bend radius.
  • High density cable management
    The vertical mounting rails are opened up for increased cable access and the roof design has large open areas for cable entry/exit from the enclosure.
  • Improved cable access
    Maintain and organize large cable bundles for improved efficiency with open vertical mounting rails and large cable openings in roof.
  • Integrated high density cable management
    Decrease installation time while supporting the cabling needs of large networking switches.

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NetShelter SX Features & Benefits


Maximum Height: 2258 , 225.8 CM
Maximum Width: 750 , 75.0 CM
Maximum Depth: 1200 , 120.0 CM
Rack Height: 48 U
Net Weight: 185.45 KG
Shipping weight: 208.18 KG
Shipping Height: 2385 , 238.5 CM
Shipping Width: 851 , 85.1 CM
Shipping Depth: 1321 , 132.1 CM
Color: Black
Maximum Mounting Depth: 959.0 , 95.89 CM
Minimum Mounting Depth: 11.0 inches
Units per Pallet: 1.0
Rack Width: 19″
Weight Capacity (dynamic load): 1022.73 KG
Weight Capacity (static load): 1363.64 KG


Protection Class: IP 20
Conformance Approvals: UL 2416, UL 60950-1
Standard warranty: 5 year repair or replace

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