HP Double Matte Film | 3-in Core [1016mm x 45,7m – 160 g/m²]


Core Size, US

3 in


72% per ISO 2469 Test Method

Weight (without liner)

160 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method


127 microns/5 mil per ISO 534 Test Method


34% per ISO 2470 Test Method


130 per CIE Ganz 82 Test Method

Παράδοση έως 30 ημέρες

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Accomplish more with consistent results every time

Keep your projects on track and demonstrate the quality and professionalism of your work with this 5-mil, double matte polyester film. Print dimensionally stable, durable, translucent images with sharp, dense lines and consistent, vivid color.

Versatile double matte surfaces

Look to this high-quality film to present your professional best. The matte print surface is engineered so your prints dry quickly and resist smudging and smearing. This dynamic matte surface helps prevent lines from bleeding and promotes strong ink adhesion to help prevent ink transfer when stacking sheets or overlaying drawings. The reverse surface is treated to minimize static buildup and accept manual edits with pencil or ink.

Keep a brisk pace from one project to the next

Meet your project deadlines. Optimized for high-speed HP PageWide XL printers and compatible with Original HP dye- and pigment-based inks, this matte film provides consistent, high-quality images, print to print and roll to roll. The polyester film base is dimensionally stable and durable to help prevent tearing in high-speed production equipment.

Print with the environment in mind

Help meet the environmental objectives of your company—and your clients. HP Double Matte Film, 3-in Core for HP PageWide Technology is recyclable.

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