HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper Roll [1372mm x 30,5m – 290 g/m²]


Core Size, US

3 in

Weight, Metric

290 g/m² per TAPPI T-410 Test Method


431 microns/17 mil per TAPPI T-411 Test Method


94% per TAPPI T-425 Test Method



Display permanence
(Indoor home or office)

Over 20 years, away from direct sun with HP Latex Inks

Παράδοση έως 30 ημέρες

Κωδικός προϊόντος: E4J53A Κατηγορία:

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Offer your customers an exciting application that boldly defines interior spaces. With HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper, produce colorful murals full of high-definition detail. It goes up and comes down easily with common adhesives and installation techniques. When you’re able to create long-lasting prints without a distracting odor on this FSC®- and UL GREENGUARD GOLD-certified alternative, it’s easy to differentiate your offering.
  • Help your customers define interiors with durable, colorful, creative wall decorations that last— with scrub- and scratch-resistant performance. Prints produced with HP Latex Inks enable healthier printing and more sustainable printing. Odorless displays are UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified using this FSC®-certified paper.
  • Maintain high productivity and offer your customers a durable, easy-to-use solution. This wall paper goes up with common adhesives and installation techniques.  Prints produced with HP Latex Inks on HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper are Type II (ASTM F793) compliant5 for durability characteristics—ideal for use in environments subject to wear and tear. HP PVC-free Durable Smooth Wall Paper was tested under the EN233 European Standard (EESTI Standard, EVS-EN 233:2000), and passed Wave 1 for Spongeability with excellent color fastness ratings after printing with HP Latex inks.
  • See high-impact graphics with an extended range of colors. Engineered with ColorPRO Technology to deliver color excellence, this digital wall decoration solution from HP delivers professional quality and striking results. The HP large format printing system—the complete solution HP large format printers, Original HP inks and printheads, and Original HP printing materials are designed to work together as a system to provide reliable, consistent results with every print.

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