IRISTICK Smart Glasses G2 PRO


Iristick.G2 PRO

Certified smart safety glasses equipped with optimized, central camera with extended field of view, powerful optical zoom and premium barcode scanner for handsfree communication and information sharing. Looks and feels like a regular pair of glasses. The Iristick smart glasses product portfolio is designed specifically for various professional environments like field services, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics, where safety, comfort, ruggedness and reliability are critical. Iristick.G2 looks like a normal pair of glasses and is designed for maximum wearer comfort.

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Hands-free guidance (including voice commands)

Wearable remote guidance reduces the time and cost of bringing experts to remote locations. Iristick’s optimized, centrally positioned camera with extended FOV shows exactly what the operator’s sees while communicating hands-free through audio and visual guidance. Unlike other mobile solutions, Iristick allows continuous hands-free remote assistance during a full shift.

First time right with optimized, central camera and display

Adding visual information has proven to improve work execution and training. Making Iristick ideal for complex logistics, technical services, manufacturing and healthcare services. Operators can walk the shop or production floor with both visual and audio queues without being burdened by additional handheld devices. Iristick.G2 has an optimized central camera module with a powerful 16MP camera and extended FOV . The Iristick.G2 development SDK is the interface for off-the-shelf or bespoke software, enabling for example: virtual factory acceptance tests, guided logistics, digital field inspections, virtual quality inspections and remote proctoring.

Iristick.G2 6x optical zoom

The unique Iristick.G2 zoom module with its 6x optical zoom lens is ideal for focusing on important details. Operators can keep a safe distance while sharing critical information with remote experts who can analyze the details. Additionally, the built-in laser, flash LED and barcode scanner can detect 3cm barcodes at 1.5 meters distance.

Long-term and secure investment (iOS/AndroidTM)

Iristick.G2 is a phone-tethered solution and is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This ensures increased processing power, long battery lifetime and standardized app-development. Iristick.G2 is a standard managed edge device that integrates seamlessly with any MDM-system and follows all corporate IT standards or security requirements.

Safe and comfortable

For Iristick, wearer safety and comfort is paramount. Thanks to the pocket unit and phone connection, there is minimal heat dissipation and electromagnetic radiation near the temple. Iristick.G2 is lightweight while being certified safety glasses. The display is mounted on a patented 3-axis arm providing a stable image. It can be pivoted completely out of sight if needed. Adjustable nose pads and flexible temple tips optimize fit. Tinted or prescription lenses can be mounted inside the glasses.

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