IRISTICK Smart Glasses H1



High-end and IP67-certified head-mounted smart glasses with dual central camera, powerful optical zoom lens and stable, 3-axis adjustable display, for handsfree communication and real-time information sharing. Can be clipped onto customised or personal PPE. The Iristick smart glasses product portfolio is designed specifically for various professional environments like field services, manufacturing, telemedicine and logistics, where safety, comfort, ruggedness and reliability are critical. The Iristick.H1 is a balanced and lightweight head-mounted device and is designed for maximum wearer comfort and specific use cases.

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Hands-free guidance (including voice commands)

Wearable remote guidance reduces the time and expense of bringing experts to remote locations. The Iristick.H1 centrally positioned dual cameras give a true view of the operator’s perspective while communicating instructions through audio and visual via the head-mounted display. Unlike other smart glasses, the Iristick.H1 dual camera setup, allows video streaming in portrait view, capturing the wearers hands without having him to look down. Unlike other mobile solutions, Iristick allows continuous hands- free remote assistance during a full shift.

First time right

Adding visual information on the display has proven to improve process execution, training and documentation, making the Iristick.H1 ideal for complex logistics, field services, production and healthcare services. Operators can walk the shop or production floor with both visual and audio queues without being burdened by additional handheld devices. The Iristick.H1 development SDK provides all the tools needed to build or support customized applications for operations, logistics, maintenance, quality inspections or for asset and infrastructure control.

Iristick.H1 6x optical zoom

The Iristick.H1’s zoom module with its 6x optical zoom lens is ideal for focusing on important details. Operators can keep a safe distance while sharing critical details with remote experts. In addition this module includes a built-in laser and flash LED and is capable of reading 3cm barcodes at a distance of 1.5 meters.

Longterm investment (iOS and Android compatible)

The Iristick.H1 connection to an Android or iOS mobile phone not only supports a long battery life but also adds processing power and flexibility to software applications. Future operating systems and mobile hardware will also be compatible continuing to improve the performance and protecting your investment.

Safe and comfortable, easy add-on to personal PPE

For Iristick, the wearer safety and comfort is paramount. Thanks to the pocket unit and phone connection, there is minimal heat dissipation and electromagnetic radiation near the temple . The Iristick.H1 is lightweight, well-balanced and IP67-certified, to be used in dusty, dirty and outdoor environments. The display includes a patented 3-axis head-mounted display arm allowing it to be pivoted for maximum visibility or to be pivoted completely out of view. The Iristick.H1 can be clipped on standard or customized PPE.

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