VUZIX Smart Glasses M400 | 1-Year Warranty


  • First smart glasses with a dedicated XR1 platform
  • Lightweight, comfortable fit that you can wear all day
  • The only option that lets you hot swap batteries on the fly with zero interruption
  • Increased processing power, RAM, and storage
  • Upgraded OLED panel display and camera with higher resolution and scanning
  • Immersive UI with native voice processing, motion tracking, and more

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Lightweight and durable, Vuzix M400 smart glasses are the most wearable, powerful, and ergonomically versatile headworn computer on the market.

The M400 are Vuzix’s flagship Smart Glasses. They are a monocular device, equipped with a rugged but comfortable design and a 12.8 megapixel camera capable of streaming high-quality images.

The high contrast OLED display will give you a more advanced Augmented Reality experience with lower power consumption.

The rugged design makes it resistant to 2-meter drops, and the IP67 protection from water and dust makes it ideal for use in complex work environments such as factories or construction sites.

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